Administration at Labette Health in Parsons makes changes to help save money during COVID-19 outbreak

PARSONS, Kan. – The administration at Labette Health in Parsons is doing their part to help those on the front-lines at their facilities.

To help with costs associated with the COVID-19 response, the administration team has taken a 20% pay cut as well as eliminated any bonuses. Officials say they also have each donated 80 hours of vacation time.

Labette Health CEO and President Brian Williams says “So I think, what’s going to happen at some point across the entire United States, every business, every American is going to have to go ‘okay, I’m going to make this sacrifice’, no different than our grandparents and parents did during World War II.”

Williams says after hearing the news of their cuts, some of their vendors have offered to reduce costs to the hospital to help out as well.