Access Family Care to Open Clinic in Lamar, MO

Access Family Care to Open Clinic in Lamar, MO
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Family Access Care plans to open its doors in Lamar, Missouri by the end of the year, helping meet the needs of low income residents in an area it says is under served and under insured

“This is an opportunity for us to truly give service to people who a lot of times are ignored by other agencies or maybe just the public in general. There are a lot of misconceptions about people in the lower income or in poverty and we’re very familiar and very comfortable in that area,” says Family Access Care PR & Marketing Director Steve Douglas.

Barton County Memorial Hospital sees the new clinic as a win-win for the community, an opportunity to work together to provide better access to health care.

“I’m not worried that it’s going to take a lot of business away from us. I think it can only be beneficial for the community when we can provide better health care, more options, and eventually dental,” says Barton County Memorial Hospital CEO Wendy Duvall.

Duvall says the new clinic will also help to free up beds in the emergency room.

“Typically have to use our emergency room just for everyday services. You know, they have a sore throat. They have a child that has a cold. They just need help. Anytime we can offer them access to healthcare without having to go to the emergency room that’s always better for them, for us.”

The new subsidized clinic will offer primary medical care, women’s health services, and eventually dental care at affordable rates to Barton County residents; a population the company reports last year had seventeen to eighteen percent uninsured.

“Hopefully we can offer a gap in that area, where we can assist with people that may not have any other option. But also provide a relief to the hospital here, and also just provide good care to the entire community. That’s our goal,” says Douglas.