Academy Sports in Joplin holding Chiefs Super Bowl gear

JOPLIN, Mo. – Academy Sports in Joplin spent the day preparing for the Super Bowl.

Academy has had Chiefs AFC Championship gear on the sales floor for several days in anticipation of setting out Super Bowl gear. Due to the pandemic, there’s been some changes to how customers can get the gear. “There’s a QR code that they’re able to scan and they can place themselves online, waiting in line online, that way they don’t have to wait outside in the cold, and we’ll send them a message directly to their cell phone letting them know that they can come into the store.”

Means says this rare opportunity is one they’ve been looking forward to all year. “Everyone’s very excited about the chiefs being in the Super Bowl back to back this year, with everything that’s went on this past year I think it’s going to be exciting times, not only for Chiefs fans but for us here at Academy.”

Chefs fan Spencer Campbell says he’s already looking forward to next year. “I think it’s awesome you know, seeing a team go back to back, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is maybe be the first team to get Super Bowls in a row, that’s what I’m looking forward to next year.”

Campbell says he, like many, have grown up watching Tom Brady, but, as Bob Dillon once wrote, the times, they are a changing. “You know, although I love Tom Brady, it’s not a common thing to say you love Tom Brady, it’s always fun to watch him play, I think it’s time for him to step down and let a new person be the G.O.A.T., and that’s Patrick Mahomes.”