A woman’s dog euthanized at joplin humane society while away at basic training

Joplin Humane society says they followed policy
A woman’s dog euthanized at joplin humane society while away at basic training

Trista Sherrill went off to basic training with the hope that her dog would be taken care of by a friend.

“I mean he was all I had, I’ve had a rough life and he was the only thing I really had close to me.”

She later found out, that friend had allegedly dumped the dog at the loves gas station in Neosho.

“It’s more of like a feeling of betrayal and just grieving because I lost the only thing that I had.”

Neosho animal control picked up the dog and he was taken to the Joplin humane society on February 6th.

On April 6th, Sherill returned home from basic training after being discharged due to an injury. She searched for her dog, contacting the humane society on social media.

“They told me that he was adopted out and they couldn’t disloce any information with me on who the new owners were and they stuck with that for like two weeks.”

After initially telling Sherrill that her dog had been adopted, it was later revealed that there was an error with the in-taker who mistook the dog that had been adopted as Sherrill’s dog. Her dog had actually been euthanized on February 27th.

“I was really messed up, I cried a lot and I’m still really upset about it.”

Declining to go on camera, Connie Andrews, Director at the Humane Society told me they followed policy and worked hard to get the dog to a point where he would be adoptable.

She went on to say they do not euthanize animals for the amount of time they have been there or if they run out of space, the only reasons are for medical issues that are beyond our abilities in the shelter environment and for aggressive behavior.

Sherrill believes more could have been done for her dog.

“I feel there are so many different ways they could have gone about that and spent more time one on one with him, having that environment and having several different people,several different dogs, creatures, animals, he was probably really stressed out.”

Below is a detailed list of the steps the Humane society took after the dog was put in their care.

“February 6, 2019 – Chevvy was brought to the Joplin Humane Society by a Neosho Animal Control
Officer and logged in as a stray found at large. As per the MO Department of Ag, we hold all stray
animals 7 days in the hopes that their owners will reclaim them.

February 7, 2019 – Chevvy had his initial intake exam by our Shelter Medical Manager. It was noted at
that time Chevvy was not showing signs of adoptability and was scheduled on February 14, 2019 for a
behavior assessment, if he was not claimed by his owner. Chevvy was not reclaimed.

February 14, 2019 – Chevvy was given a formal behavior assessment by our behaviorist. It was noted,
“Excessive energy and roughness of play. Easily excitable. Will re-evaluate on 2/19/2019 to see if he has adjusted to the stress of the kennels.”

February 19, 2019 – Chevvy was given a second formal behavior assessment by our behaviorist. It was noted, “Behavior is not any better. He has begun to bite when handling by kennel technicians and is excessively barking and growling at all people passing by his kennel. Not suitable for adoption. Will
monitor condition for next week and final decision will be made on 2-27″

February 27, 2019 – Chevvy’s temperament and behavior has only worsened over the past 2 weeks. Heis not able to be safely adopted. Euthanasia recommended.

February 27, 2019 – Chevvy was euthanized by injection and cremated.
Fast Forward to April 9, 2019 when a lady named Trista Sherrill reached out through our Facebook
messenger to see if her dog had been brought in. We asked her to come in and fill out a lost report so
we could do a walk thru and see if her dog was here.

The staff member that had been talking with Ms. Sherrill brought the story to me and it was at this time,
I discovered Ms. Sherrill’s dog had been euthanized on February 27, 2019 for behavior issues.
I contacted Ms. Sherrill that afternoon to let her know that Chevvy had been euthanized and the reason
why. I forwarded Chevvy’s kennel card to Ms. Sherrill that day so she could see the things we had done
while Chevvy was with us, including all medical and behavior notes.

In closing, we are very saddened that this happened and wish better accommodations for Chevvy would have been found while his owner was away.

The Joplin Humane Society never wants anyone’s pet to be brought to us as a stray and work tirelessly to reunite them with their owners. Unfortunately, only about 25% of dogs and 3% of cats are ever reunited with their owner.”