A woman holds clinics at her CBD shop to help people obtain medical marijuana cards

Doctors from Kansas City and Cassville attend
A woman holds clinics at her CBD shop to help people obtain medical marijuana cards

Alice Mangan is a Webb City resident, a veteran and a registered nurse…she also suffers from multiple sclerosis.

“The injections, the pain pills, all of those things seemed to make my condition worse and I felt worse.”

After seeing an ad on Facebook that said 22 veterans in Missouri would be taken to Colorado to research and explore cannabis as medicine, Mangan knew she had to go.

“During that time I realized that was a better alternative for me and that I felt like it actually worked in my body and worked with my body”

Mangan returned to Missouri and got her medical marijuana card in Cassville when it was first made legal in Missouri.

Joplin’s Freeman and Mercy hospital doctors are not permitted to give recommendations for cards which makes it difficult for locals who need one.

“It was going to have to be somebody that did not take insurance or receive federal moneys that could say I’m going to use my license to help recommend medical marijuana to patients” said Mangan.

Mangan decided to open a CBD store called Alice CBD. She wanted a place where she could help educate and inform others on the effects of CBD and on how to obtain their medical marijuana card.

“I wanted to provide a place because there are so many coming to me saying I know I qualify, I know that it does something better for me, but I’m scared to talk to my regular physician or my regular physician works for mercy or works for an area hospital.”

Mangan holds clinics at her store where doctors from Kansas City and Cassville come to assess patients and provide recommendations. The patients are pre-screened and must provide all documentation they have from their doctors, as well as the cost of the doctor that is at the clinic. One of those doctors that has been in attendance is Dr. Lisa Roark.

“Every Missourian every person in the U.S. should have access to a safe plant that I believe god put on this earth for medical use”

“Cannabis is a very safe option because we don’t have any basically receptors in our brain stem so it doesn’t cause the sedation that narcotics cause so you can’t overdose on medical marijuana”

She says she wishes things were different.

“My wish is for us to turn back time to the 1920’s and 1930’s, where a physician could write a prescription for cannabis to be utilized as medicine, that is what I would like to see…which would mean federal legalization.”

Roark has also started providing Telehealth appointments, where she can work with patients over the phone or on a video call to assess them and determine if a recommendation will be given. She says it is not her preferred method of communication with her patients, but it makes it easier for those that are far away and don’t have access to a doctor.

And for Alice, her pain may be gone but her fight for others to have the same access as she does, continues.

“It’s the difference between having pain and not having pain”
The next clinic at Alice CBD is going to be on the first Monday in August.

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