A truck driver creates a fitness bench to help keep fellow truck drivers healthy

Truckers Jamboree at Joplin 44 Petro
A truck driver creates a fitness bench to help keep fellow truck drivers healthy

Staying fit and healthy while on the road is hard, but it is especially hard for truck drivers.
They are on the road for long periods of time, sometimes for months on end. Truck driver, David Copeland saw the lifestyle that many were accustomed to, was unhealthy.

“You look at any truck stop you go to and you watch the truckers get out of the truck, the first thing you’re going to see is obesity”

He wanted to help change that lifestyle.

“Once I started driving trucks now I said I have to create something and educate us truck drivers about the health issues that we face as drivers”
Copeland created a fitness bench as a workout option for drivers to take in their trucks or to use at a truck stop.

“It only weighs 25 pounds, it breaks down, it’s easy, easy to store, so if the truck driver is picking up a load they’re going to be there at least 30 mins or an hour they can break the machine out and work out on the body.”

Copeland wants to educate truck drivers on the importance of taking care of themselves while on the road.

“This is the most important thing is that I educate enough truck drivers where they continue to educate down the road”

The ‘Truckers Jamboree’ in Joplin was a perfect place for Copeland to promote his fitness equipment and educate other truck drivers on

It is an annual event that celebrates the many men and women truck drivers for all that they do.

“They are very hard working people uh it is a very honest decent living but it is difficult” said Joplin 44 Petro manager, Joel Hamilton.

The ‘Truckers Jamboree’ gives drivers a chance to take a break from their routes and see what’s new in the industry.

“We have a big top exhibitors tent with all kinds of recruiters who are looking for people who want to have a career driving a truck we have financial advisor here from Edward jones and we have a lot of what we call after-market exhibitors that have add on stuff for trucks” said Hamilton.

Copeland was one of those exhibitors and is hoping to show truck drivers that staying active could save their lives.

“I don’t want to die behind a truck because of obesity high blood pressure stress, I don’t want to do it.”
Copeland says he has sold over 300 fitness benches to truck drivers so far and he is hoping to get them in every truck stop in the country.