A sit down interview with EOE patient Landon Carlson

Landon Carlson and his mom Libby stop by the KOAM studio to talk about what it’s like for Landon to live with EOE and his everyday struggles.

Landon and his family have been traveling to St. Louis for the past year after their insurance left them unable to travel to Cincinnati. In St. Louis, he sees a team of doctors for his various diseases; Eosinophilic Esophagitis; Eosinophilic Colitis; and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, the last of which affects his joints, making him very flexible, but also causing him joint pain.

Through the Kidd Kraddicks’s Kidd’s Kids program has afforded the Carlsons the ability to visit Disney Land; Landon’s number one priority while in the Magic Kingdom? Seeing the Storm Troopers.

Libby says the experience of being selected for Kidd’s Kids has been humbling and she sees herself and her family fortunate to be given such an amazing gift. She is excited to escape for five days to spend time with her family and forget about doctors offices and check-ups.

For resources and information about EOE, Kidd’s Kids, or organzations that help kids with diseases, you can visit the following links:

https://curedfoundation.org/ is a non-profit designed to help those suffering from EOE and other Eosinophilic disorders.

https://www.kiddskids.org/ is the program sending the Carlsons to Disney World. You can donate to the organization or nominate a child on the website.

https://www.rmhc.org/ Rondal McDonald House proides a place for families to stay while traveling with sick children.