A second home in 5 months explodes near Moran, Kansas

“I was asleep and my husband woke me up and said that the neighbor’s house blew up,” said Jamie Becker.

That was the scene on a country road not far from Moran, Kansas after a home exploded around 7:30 Wednesday the morning.

According to the Allen County Sheriff’s Office, first responders found the home on 3600 Street engulfed in flames. They say the home’s elderly occupant was thrown from the home and then pulled to safety by a neighbor who heard the explosion.

“He was conscious when I was up here. He looked very shaken up, but he looked as well as you can expect somebody,” said neighbor Andy Wildschuetz.

An official with the sheriff’s office says the victim’s injuries did not appear to be life threatening. But neighbors are still uneasy, because this is the second home in the same area that’s exploded on the same remote road in the last 5 months.

“I hope it’s just a really crappy coincidence. I mean, I turned off my gas to be on the safe side,” said Wildschuetz.

“It’s scary. It’s all like right here in this one little area. So yeah it’s scary. I’m hearing that it has to do with propane. It makes me want to take out my propane tank and go to some other kind of source,” said Becker.

To be clear, the explosion remains under investigation by the Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office and a cause for the blast has not yet been released.