A Pitt State student’s Art Exhibit showcases women’s happiness

Diversity of Happiness Exhibit
A Pitt State student’s Art Exhibit showcases women’s happiness

A freshman at Pittsburg State University wanted to find out what made women truly happy.

Audry Elmore interviewed ten women, all of different race, ethnicity, age and occupation.

She captured their version of happiness through photographs and sent them multiple questions to answer. Elmore says she had a lot of emotions when it came to reading their responses on happiness.

“I came across a lot of women, not even thinking about that and then they realized oh I am happy and I’m doing what I want to do and I’m living my life to the fullest.”

Elmore’s powerful photographs were displayed in an exhibit at the Bicknell Family Center of the Arts and it sparked a conversation…on what makes each woman truly happy.

For Elmore’s mom, Flora, what made her happy was helping her community.

“My true happiness is helping my community grow in the way it wants to grow.”

Shawna Witherspoon, the technical and client services coordinator for Bicknell Family Center for the Arts, says her happiness lies with art.

“Really art is my true happiness..that’s kind of my favorite place to be it’s what makes me happy.”

And for Pitt State, Junior, Ashlynn Mullere, she found her happiness with friends and family.

“I think of being with my friends and my family and supporting them and them supporting me.”

Elmore’s exhibit was a project for her women and gender studies class and she was inspired to choose happiness after watching a documentary on women’s freedom.