A Peacock City problem in Cherokee County

Bart Eckhardt and his brother are trying to sell some family land, but they’ve run into a problem: Peacock City.

“Back in 1902, it was put on the county maps as Peacock City, which was a mining village for the workers for the Peacock Mine which opened in 1905,” said Eckhardt.

Bart says flood concerns caused the mining community’s location to be moved before anything was ever built. Peacock City is currently an empty field, but it still remains on the county map which has created a hiccup now that the Eckhardt family wants to sell the land.

“Whenever they started the title search on the property, the title company came across this and had to stop because it was still showing on maps,” said Eckhardt.

The title company told Bart that even though he owns the deed to his property, Peacock City’s spot on the map has created an unclear title. Bart has turned to the Cherokee County commissioners to get the issue resolved, and says they’ve advised him on the next steps.

“They run a hearing date for 3 weeks in the paper, and then they have a hearing set to vote on whether to take it off the books or leave it on the books,” said Eckhardt.

Eckhardt also says his hearing is set for the sixth of January, and that he’s optimistic about getting the issue resolved.