A pair of kickers are making history at Carl Junction High School

Emma Lacey and Constance Graham become the first female athletes to play football for the Bulldogs

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – For sophomore Constance Graham, kicking at Carl Junction is in her blood.

“My brother used to be a kicker here, so I’ve always been around it,” says Graham.

Emma Lacey was entering her final year at CJHS and thought she had nothing to lose by joining the team.

“At the start of the season, the guys were a little low on kickers. Their kicker just graduated last year, so I might as well try. It’s my senior year. Might as well make a mark,” adds Lacey.

Lacey and Graham have about nineteen years of soccer experience between them. But that first experience underneath the Friday night lights against Willard in week one is something they will remember.

“The intense energy, and almost like the aura that you can sense the tension was insane. The team huddling together knowing that it’s ride or die together,” says Lacey.

“Hearing the whistle blow and everyone in the stands — was pretty scary, but as soon as the first kick was over…it was pretty good,” Graham adds.

Fitting in with the team has been easy for the two.

“Everyone’s just super supportive and easy to talk to and everyone’s just like always telling us good job,” says Graham.

“The guys, especially the senior class are so accepting and have really helped me through it. So I feel like I am a part of the team,” Lacey adds.

The Bulldogs have their eyes on a deep post season run every year. It’s that drive that pushes Lacey everyday in practice.

“They’re working so hard to push themselves and it makes me want to work even harder to be good enough for them, for this team, to help lead them there,” adds Lacey.

Carl Junction will play its home opener against Carthage tomorrow night.