A Missouri Southern graduate’s design for socks are now seen on face shields

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new market for Remedy x Toepos face shield designs

WEBB CITY, Mo. – A Missouri Southern graduate’s design for socks are now seen on face shields, thanks to a partnership with a local company.

Ellen Smith founded Toepos after her senior art exhibit. Her original idea was to sell socks with unique color palettes inspired by the wonders of nature.

“The collection was designed with the intent of capturing the essence of a national park and to foster those explorations,” says Smith.

Nate Karnes, owner of Remedy Provisions, which is an outdoor apparel company based in Oronogo, approached Smith to take her designs a different direction in a collaboration.

“He saw them at my senior show where, at that time, they were designed as socks. But he was like, I think we can make these for real if you want to do a partnership, just on a multi-functional garment,” adds Smith.

Gaiters can be used in different ways as a neck warmer or cooler or headband. The Webb City native says since the COVID-19 pandemic there have been more people using these multi-purpose product as a face shield.

“It’s been interesting to see how these are being used now. We designed them to express yourself as you’re exploring the lands that you love. But it’s been interesting to see how they’ve been implemented in a way to protect yourself or help protect others,” says Smith.

Smith was drawn to the idea of a multi-use garment and the wide array of people it could benefit.

“We’ve had a lot of growth in our sales lately as these serve people in a new way. And I look forward to designing more parks,” adds Smith.

There are currently thirteen face shields from the Remedy x Toepos National Parks collection. Smith’s goal is to have designs for all 61 national parks.