A Member of the class of 1941 attends Quapaw High Schools 100th Anniversary Reunion

The oldest member from the class of 1941 attended
A Member of the class of 1941 attends Quapaw High Schools 100th Anniversary Reunion

Many alumni were scanning the crowd for familiar faces.

For one 1941 Quapaw High school Alum, there were none that he recognized.

“It makes me realize my longevity because I’ve lost track of every one of them.”

“You think about the kids you went to high school with…I’m the only survivor, that I know of.”

Jim Carl is a World War II veteran and a Legion of Honor recipient.

“I was the first kid to enlist into the service out of Quapaw, Oklahoma, I have that distinction.”

It has been 10 to 15 years since Carl last returned to Quapaw, but he made the trip for the 100th Anniversary reunion.

“It’s something else to come back here to my hometown after all these years.”

“It kind of gives you a lift thinking here I am signing in here, this old, where I went to high school and grade school.” Carl added.

President of Alumni Relations Debbie McKibben was ecstatic to see Carl.

“My husband said you’re acting like he’s a Rockstar and I said he is! He’s a Rockstar!”

McKibben says that although Quapaw is a small community, seeing the amount of alumni in attendance is something special.

“A lot of times, big schools you don’t know everybody in your class and hey we’re small and we know everybody and we have that sense of family, so it’s a family reunion.”

No matter the distance they’ve gone or where they ended up, 200 alumni walked through the doors of Quapaw high school once more to celebrate 100 years.

“It kind of reinforces the feeling that small schools can have success stories too” said McKibben.

For Carl, he was honored to be there.

“I’m tickled to death that I’m here, I’m tickled to death that I was invited and could make it.”

It was also the class of 1969’s 50th Anniversary.