A look at the Tropics – August 21, 2019

Watching activity in both basins

A look at the Tropics on this August 21st of 2019 shows activity in both the Atlantic and Pacific that bears watching over the next several days.

In the Atlantic, we have Tropical Storm Chantal located 455 miles south of Cape Race, Newfoundland with sustained wind speeds of 40 mph. This system will not undergo any strengthening as it remains over open waters through the rest of the week. In fact, it will weaken back into a depression as we head into the weekend. We also have an area of disorganized rain and t-storms located in the central and northwestern Bahamas. While some slow development is possible, the odds of this wave becoming a depression sit very low at 20%.

Over in the Pacific, we have Tropical Depression Ten-E located 545 miles south of the Baja Peninsula. The latest maximum sustained wind speeds sit at 35 mph and moving to the west-northwest at 18 mph. Unlike Chantal in the Atlantic, this disturbance will be in a very favorable environment for steady development. In fact, this depression is forecast to become Tropical Storm Ivo before we hit the end of the day. Furthermore, this is forecast to become a hurricane by Friday. The latest outlook has this system staying just offshore from nearby land, but we will continue to watch this and the rest of the Tropics over the next several days.