A look at our weekend storm system – December 5th

Even though we’re still 3 days out from our weekend storm system, it’s slowly but surely starting to come into better focus. The latest look at the upper levels today has the upper low finally beginning to work into southwestern California. That is still set to pass over the area as we get into late Friday and Saturday. Closer to the surface, we’ll still have our system develop and it’s still forecast to have rain and t-storms in the warm sector with wintry precipitation on the cold side. Unlike the past few days, we have some more model guidance to give us an idea of what could happen.

All the guidance we have posted on this article has the system passing close enough to us to give us wintry weather for Saturday. At the onset, it could start as a mix of freezing rain and sleet before switching completely over to snow late Saturday morning. The big questions that remain will be where will the system track and how strong can it get as it passes by us? Pertaining to the track, any shift in the track (north or south) will mean a change in amounts (more or less, respectively). If the system can also intensify as it passes by, that could intensify the expected amounts. We still have some time to watch this and we’ll adjust as necessary.