A local teacher prepares to see his students this fall in the classroom

Cameron Tournear gets ready to see his 4th grade class as Webb City Schools have in-person learning this fall

WEBB CITY, Mo. – Cameron Tournear is a 4th grade teacher at Eugene Field Elementary School in Webb City and he is eager to see his students this year.

“You know, that’s a lot of the reason why teachers teach. They want to be with the kids. They want to have that relationship with kids and be able to be that mental-model for them and it’s hard to do that digitally,” says Tournear.

As of right now, Webb City Schools aim to have in-person learning with additional safety protocols in place — such as plastic barriers that will be installed in classrooms.

“There are some that are the normal screens and then there are some that are like cubical’s. So there’s a variety of things that we’re looking at to provide for the students,” says Webb City Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Rossetti.

As students and faculty are anxious to get back to school, Tournear says it’s been different getting everything ready.

“Thinking about spacing with kids as far as that goes and thinking about, okay, how do we make sure kids are staying with the same people within their bubble.”

No large gatherings will be allowed, but the student’s excitement to be around one another may pose as a challenge for staff to make sure everyone is staying safe and socially distant.

“So they’re wanting to hug and just come back into habits that they’ve formed over the last 9 or 10 years of their life where that was normally socially acceptable to go up and give your best buddy handshake and a hug to where — this year, well, let’s not try to do that actually,” says Tournear.

One of the biggest things that Tournear is going to use in his classroom to help his students get through this is a positive mindset.

“If you come into it with an attitude of like, oh we have to wear masks all day and negative and yeah, that’s how the kids are going to react then versus if you come into the classroom saying hey, we get to be here in person, let’s make the most of it, put your mask on and let’s get to learning and just make the most of it then kids are going to respond to that,” adds Tournear.

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