A local business gives tips for parents to use when looking for new computers this school year

For Some Parents, Buying A School Computer For Their Children May Seem Overwhelming

JOPLIN, Mo. – When shopping for a new computer one big mistake consumers make is dropping a lot of cash.

“How you’re going to use the device is really the best starting point,” says Technology Center owner Matthew Robertson.

Internet-based platforms used for virtual learning can be accessed on most devices, but Robertson suggests you look for a used device that has a least 8 gigabytes of memory and at least 240 gigabytes of store space. Or if you are going with a brand-new device to look for a Ryzen 5 processor or an Intel i3 processor.

One thing parents might want to look into for their students who are learning at home is a content filter for your router.

“Help a parent block either inappropriate sites or at least put a barrier of entry to get around to get to the internet,” adds Robertson.

For college students, Pitt State IT Campus Services Director Bill Hoyt says to consult with you advisor before making a major purchase.

“So you know what you’re getting is going to be enough because I would hate to have people buy something and then it now work for really heavy duty software,” says Hoyt.

“And just spend what your budget can afford. Because if you buy a better machine now, you’re going to be able to use it longtopreer,” adds Robertson.

Both Missouri and Oklahoma have state sales tax holidays this weekend — when the state tax won’t be charged on many back-to-school items. Some individual cities and counties will waive their own local taxes as well.

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