A Joplin resident is helping fulfill the need for masks in the community

Pam Parcell has given out 850 hand made masks since April for free

JOPLIN, Mo. – Pam Parcell has been making masks since April.

“Honestly, I was hoping two weeks. Maybe three at the stretch. But unfortunately there is still a need,” Parcell says, “I was going to stop at the end of May but everything just kept going, so I thought I guess I have to, too.”

Parcell has given out more than 850 masks now. She makes about 24 a day and hangs them on her fence, a few at at time, for people in need.

“I put them up, every morning, by 7. And then I usually put some more out in the afternoon as well,” adds Parcell.

The masks are free to take, but Parcell does not know how much of her own money has been used for materials.

“I’ve honestly haven’t not even tried to keep track of that. I am sure I’d be quite astounded by that. There have also been some very generous folks that have left materials, either on the fence or by the mailbox.”

Parcell says she knew the need for masks was there, but did not think it would be that large.

“I was prompted to do this. I thought, okay, if it’s supposed to be done — God will make sure there’s a way. If there’s not supposed to be a way then they’ll be sitting on the fence for 3 days and nobody will want them,” Parcell adds.

She plans on making the masks until August. You can pick up a mask on 9th and Ohio in Joplin. Parcell asks to be considerate and only take one mask, but if more than one is needed that arrangements can be made.