A friendly reminder in Newton County

A friendly reminder in Newton County

For some people, it can be a rude awakening finding out the law is looking for you.

“A sheriff knocked at my door to remind me I had a ticket,” said Vicki Ramirez.

That’s what happened to Vicki back in California, but now that she lives in Newton County, she’s stayed out of trouble.

And right now, the Newton County Sheriff is trying to keep other residents out of trouble who have misdemeanor charges. And he’s doing it, by simply sending a letter through the mail.

“A lot of times, people might get a ticket and forget about it or think their attorney took care of it. But these are for misdemeanors only, and we send out a courtesy reminder saying, ‘You have a warrant for your arrest. You need to contact the sheriff’s office or the courts and take care of this,'” said Newton County Sheriff Chris Jennings.

Sheriff Jennings says his office routinely warns the public about scammers who use fake letters threatening to issue arrest warrants, but says these are real. And there’s a way you can check.

“The scams, they’ll be asking for money. They’ll be asking for some sort of payment, trying to get a credit card number or something like that. Our letter does not. It’s a legitimate letter. It’s asking you to contact the sheriff’s office or the courts. There’s no scam because we’re not asking for anything monetary through the letter,” said Sheriff Jennings.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office issues written warnings about misdemeanor warrants about once a year, and says it’s an effective way to get the minor charges cleared up and off the books.