A familiar furry friend returns to the studio

Pet Connection
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Jasmine Kyle and Kelsey Keeny from the SEK Humane Society head into the studio with a familiar furry face, Montana. If you’re interested, Montana is still up for adoption and is a super sweet dog that’s great with everyone. Always quick to help the animal population, the SEK Humane Society also played a role in rescuing eight of thousands of beagles from a breeding facility in Virginia. They have four puppies and four adults and when the crew has passed the necessary health requirements adoptions can begin.

They also talked about an event coming up next weekend: now’s the time to adopt as all adoption fees will be waived. Plus adoption fees are reduced to $30 all month long for a large dogs.

If you’d like more information about the SEK Humane Society, Montana, the rescued beagles or any other dog or cat up for adoption click here to go straight to the SEK Humane Society website or

click here for their Facebook page.

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