A drop in temperatures and the humidity for a quiet Saturday – Nick

A nice change of pace after a hot & humid week

Good Friday evening, everyone. After quite a stretch of very hot & very humid weather for a good portion of this week, we had to start our weekend out on that note once again. Even though we started in the lower 80s and topped out in the upper 90s today, we did see a welcome change pass on through the area today. It managed to bring some scattered rain and t-storms to parts of the area during the morning hours before those rain chances moved on out. Thankfully, the northerly breeze behind the front is starting to pull in some drier air that is MORE than welcome here.


Not only that, we do note that the upper-level bridge has been shunted back to our south and southwest. That will help us out with temperatures for the rest of the weekend.


Unlike the lower 80s we had to start our Friday morning out, overnight lows will drop back into the lower 70s as we work into Saturday morning. While there may be passing clouds from time to time, we’ll keep dry across the area. Under mostly sunny skies, the northerly breeze and lower humidity will make our expected highs in the middle to upper 80s (maybe a few spots near 90°) feel rather refreshing.


Our Sunday is looking quiet as well. After a nice and mild start in the upper 60s, we’ll have to see temperatures push back into the lower 90s for our Sunday afternoon. While we don’t like the expected rise in the thermometer, the humidity will stay rather low across the area.


The reason why we’ll see temperatures climb back up on Sunday is due to the upper-level setup. The upper-level ridge will start to build back in once again over the Southern Plains. That will keep us quiet for Monday while highs push back into the upper 90s. With some extra humidity, it could certainly feel like the lower to middle triple digits for Monday afternoon.


However, another cold front and upper-level wave will come our way on Tuesday. It may bring some isolated t-storm chances in here on Tuesday during the day. The main job of that duo, however, will be to break the ridge back down and keep highs around 90 for Tuesday and Wednesday. Not only that, the front will keep morning lows for Wednesday and Thursday in the middle to upper 60s across the area.


Once we hit Thursday and Friday of next week, though, have a look at the projected upper-level setup down below.


The returning upper-level ridge will push us back into the middle 90s for highs under mostly sunny skies. I’m still expecting the humidity to stay relatively low for the entire area on Thursday. However, highs in the upper 90s and some humidity returning by next Friday will bring back the classic July heat and humidity that we have been accustomed to lately. Don’t forget about Doug’s long range forecast down below.


July 17th-July 23rd: Mainly a hot week again, ugh.  A few scattered thunderstorms from Wednesday into Friday.

July 24th-July 30th: Mainly a hot week. While we’ll have slight t-storm chances for Monday, we’ll keep an eye on the Gulf that could bring some moisture our way on Friday.

July 31st-August 6th: Another hot week lined up. Slight t-storm chances Monday through Saturday.

August 7th-August 13th: Aside from a hot Sunday and Saturday, mainly warm this week. We’ll watch for slight t-storm chances on Sunday and Thursday.

August 14th-August 20th: Hot for much of the week before we head into a warm Saturday. We’ll watch for slight t-storm chances Wednesday through Saturday.