A drive-thru built on more than speed

The Chick-fil-a on Rangeline is one of the fastest in the nation, but it's the inside that counts.

At the Chick-Fil-A in Joplin, speed is no stranger. According to a corporate Chick-fil-a report, the location consistently wears the crown as the company’s most efficient drive-thru location in the country.

“So we’re the number one drive-thru in the Chick-Fil-A chain,” says Corporate Trainer Keesha Dorsey. “That’s over 2,000 restaurants within Chick-Fil-A.”

From order accuracy to speed of service, this place has as many as 45 employees working at a time — and they have it down to a science.

Pointing to the process, Derek Smith, a team leader explains: “Kevin’s gonna come around and grab this next car here and continuously leap frog each other throughout the shift. That way we can keep the cars moving. We’re also moving cars forward as well to keep the cars moving and the gaps closed as well as keeping our line down.”

It sounds like a bit much, but it pays off. In January alone, this store moved an estimated 1,300 pounds of chicken…every single day.

Even with a roster of 170, one mother hen seems to stand out from the rest.

Linda Starkweather has been a hostess for Chick-Fil-A since 2008.

Yeah, well it was pretty funny because I had never worked outside the home,” says Starkweather. “I’d always been a stay-at-home mom.

One day, Linda spotted an ad in the paper saying they were hiring. so she called up the owner, Rick, who knows Linda by another name, and told him she wanted the job.

“He said, “Are you serious, Mom?” and I said yes and he said, “Well you would be great, come on!”

More than a decade later, Linda continues to take care of everyone who walks in the door, showing it’s more than chicken sandwiches in the secret recipe on rangeline.