A closer look at enforcing the stay-at-home order in Bourbon County

Bourbon County stay-at-home order goes into effect at midnight on Friday, the 27th

BOURBON COUNTY, Kan. – If you live in Bourbon County, you’re being told to stay home as much as you can.

The county health officer passed an emergency stay-at-home order, which will go into effect at 11:59 pm on March 27th, 2020.

Included is an up to 25-hundred dollar fine for not complying with the order.

If residents need to go out to do something like get groceries or go to work, you can.

But residents have to go straight there and get there, and then go home.

“We’re not out there gonna stop every car or every vehicle on the road. One thing they have to understand is, why is it a necessity that you have to be out? ” says Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin. “We’re not discouraging you from going to a local restaurant and pick up an order, we’re just saying that once you’re done go back home.”

Martin also say if people work odd hours or work outside of the county, it would be a good idea to keep their ID and some form of proof for your place of employment — just in case you are pulled over.

“As far as going to work and stuff like that, they have nothing to worry about. I had a school district call and ask if a teacher’s ID would work, and I said yeah,” says Martin. “If it’s 1:00 o’clock in the morning and you come in contact with law enforcement and you’re saying you’re going to work and you tell us what that work is, but that work is closed and has been for a couple of hours, why are you out? That’s what we’re trying to get to people.”

To that effect, he says residents can’t just go and drive around in the county.

Residents can go to the park and things like that, but cannot gather in groups of more than ten.

If they do either of those things, law enforcement would tell them to go home. And if they continue to drive around or gather, then they could face an up to 25-hundred dollar fine.

In the end, it will be left up to the officer that makes contact to decide what level of enforcement will be used.

“It depends on the circumstances that the officer is faced with at that time. There will be a report filed with the county attorney’s office, and if the county attorney approves it, then formal charges can be filed with the district court,” says Martin.

Martin adds that they don’t want people to panic, but think about what they do and where they go.

“We just want people to be a little bit more responsible for what they do and who they’re around, and just be aware of your surroundings as to what’s going on to avoid any kind of contact with this virus,” says Martin.

The stay at home order will be in place for the next 30 days, until 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, April 26, 2020 unless officials amend it sooner.

If you want to read the full order, follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/bbcountyupdates/posts/113493433625751

You can also watch a breakdown by the Bourbon County Emergency Manager and Sheriff Martin on social media here:

Posted by Bourbon County Corona Virus Updates on Friday, March 27, 2020