A Carthage family’s car is stolen and burned on Thanksgiving day

Carthage and Newton County Investigating

Two minutes, that’s all it took for someone to steal Jareth Naylor’s car on Thanksgiving day.

“I went to start it up so it’s nice and warm whenever we left and I went back inside to get the kids ready, put Zoey in her car-seat and put a jacket on Juno, and I was in the middle of putting Zoey in her car seat and I heard my car speed off and looked outside and sure enough my car was gone.”

And it was caught on their security cameras.

In the video you can see the suspect walking towards the car, looking right at the house and getting inside before speeding off.

“I have the security cameras because I know porch pirates are a big thing around this area and I order a lot of computer parts, but I just never thought someone would actually steal the car.” Naylor added.

The car was later found in Newton County…in a ditch…burned to a crisp.

The kids toys, car seats, Jareth’s tools and Amanda’s purse and wallet…all gone.

“They just didn’t really care about the family they did this too, it’s really sad, yeah”

The theft occurred on Forest Street in Carthage in broad daylight. But the family says they are just thankful their children were not in the car at the time of the theft.

“The car is replaceable, but family is not” added Naylor.

Carthage Police Chief Greg Dagnan did confirm that they are handling the theft aspect of this case while Newton County will be handling the arson side.

It is still under investigation, and they ask if you recognize the man in the video, to contact them directly.

“We trusted people a little more than we should have in the neighborhood” said Naylor.

There is a GoFundMe account set up for the family, if you would like to donate you can find the link here.


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