A Baxter Springs, Kansas teacher is “elite”

BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. – A Baxter Springs teacher didn’t think a one size fits all approach was helping her special education students. So she changed it with the help of the “IXL Learning” program.

And now that program is honoring her for her commitment to her students. Tina Gandy is one of IXL “Elite 100”. She uses IXL in various ways to reinforce concepts, identify areas for reteaching, and ultimately personalize instruction for her students no matter where they are learning from.

“They are the driving force of why I get up in the morning, “said Gandy. “I love my kids from 1995 when I started all the way to 2021. This is the whole reason I get up in the morning.”

The Elite 100 are selected from a pool of 700,000 teachers.