92-year-old Royals fan from Joplin gains many fans herself

92-year-old Royals fan from Joplin gains many fans herself
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A loyal fan of 92 years of age makes an extra effort to support the Kansas City Royals.

The longtime Royals fan from Joplin has gained quite a few fans herself, after being deemed a crowd favorite at Wednesday’s World Series game.

“29 years, they deserve this,” said 92-year-old Lorraine Hawkins.

Hawkins has been both a Royals and Cardinals fan for many years, but at Wednesday’s game, she made an extra effort to show she is leaning towards the blue.

“I really like the Royals,” Hawkins said. “I really do. I like the team. I like what I’ve read about them, what I’ve seen them do.”

Hawkins made the Jumbotron a couple times at the game, holding a sign that read, “At 92, here for you. Royals, win for me!”

And the Royals did just that.

Some have even deemed Hawkins as a good luck charm.

“They might call me that, but I don’t think so,” Hawkins said. “They’re a good team and they play really well.”

“They appreciate somebody Lorraine’s age being able to get out and get to a game,” said Phil Bowers, son-in-law. “People kept coming up during the game and talking to her.”

Hawkins says so many fans loved her sign that she might even get to go back to the next home game, should the Royals end up back in Kansas City.

A kind stranger offered to buy her a ticket.

“If she calls, that would be great,” Hawkins said. “If she doesn’t, that’s okay too.”

While she won’t forget her Cardinals, Bowers says Hawkins’ loyalty to the Royals will not be fading any time soon.

“Absolutely a loyal Royals fan, we’ve got her converted,” Bowers said.

Hawkins says she would like to meet one of the Royals players one day.

Until then, she hopes to see them take the crown, and win it all.

“I would be thrilled to pieces,” Hawkins said. “I would be so happy for them.”

Hawkins has been a Joplin resident for the past 12 years and spent a lot of time volunteering after the tornado.

She now volunteers three days a week at Forest Park Baptist Church to help provide food and clothing to those in need.