8th Graders Explore Career Possibilities at Crowder

Eighth graders from McDonald County Missouri Tuesday got an introduction to some of the things they could learn from Crowder College in Neosho.

The day camp, held at Crowder College Technical Education Center, was a chance to see what programs the kids can enroll in once they get to high school.

The Education Center serves the five area high schools in Newton and McDonald counties. Students in their junior and senior year may elect to take classes in the areas listed. Students go through an application and interview process as selections are made for admittance.

“Our goal is to start exposing 8th graders that are starting to make decisions about what they want to do in high school,” Said Jim Williams from Crowder College Student Services. “Starting to expose them to different careers and start making them think outside the box and on different careers.”

Students participating in the day camp are given the opportunity to select two programs in which they are interested. The student will participate in one during the morning session and the other one during the afternoon. Programs include: Alternative Energy, Automotive Tech, Building Trades, Collision Repair, Computer Technology, Criminal Justice, Diesel Tech, Early Childhood, Health Sciences and Welding.

About 130 eighth graders from McDonald County participated in the day camp on Tuesday, November 14th.

Student from Neosho will be on campus on Nov. 15 and Diamond, Seneca and East Newton on Nov. 17 from 9am-2pm.

Crowder College launched this program about 20 years ago to expose students to various career options and to recruit for the Crowder program.