7-Year-Old Boy a Hero, Saves his Friend’s Life

7-Year-Old Boy a Hero, Saves his Friend’s Life

A Cherryvale family is thanking a little boy after he stayed calm in a life or death situation. A little boy who’s now being called a hero.

He’s only 7 years old and just 4 feet tall but Cooper Mayberry saved a life.

When asked how it feels to have saved a life, Cooper’s answer is simple.

“Very excited,” he says.

It was a normal Sunday, Cooper was playing outside with his friend Jesse when he noticed something was wrong.

“There was a swing hanging and I was standing in it and it fell and it caught me, it got me by right [by the neck] and I tried to get off,” says 10 year old Jesse Graniger.

Cooper didn’t hesitate to get help.

“I ran inside and went to get his mom and then she came out and then she really started to cry,” says Mayberry.

“He swung around and his face was all purple and his shoulders were purple and his fingertips were purple and I just went over there and got him down and called the ambulance. I really had to force myself to walk over there because I just wanted to fall down,” says Graniger’s mother Katrina Shouse.

She was so panicked she forgot how to do CPR, hitting Jesse on his back until he started coughing. Doctors say Jesse is just fine and lucky he was found so quickly.

“[Cooper] stayed so calm and if he didn’t come outside, if he didn’t realize that Jesse was hurt, [Jesse] would’ve just been out there until somebody came out to see what he was doing and he wouldn’t have been found that fast if it hadn’t have been for Cooper,” says Shouse.

Days later the swing has been taken down from the tree, a mark still in the branch from where the rope had once been. The boys have returned back to their normal routine, even climbing up in that very tree.

“That night he had a hard time going to sleep but other than that, it’s just barely phased him. Like saving a life is just another thing in the day,” says Cooper’s father Jeff Mayberry.

Jesse says that after the fact, he’s really not scared but he does have a new appreciation for life and for his friend Cooper.

“Cooper, you’re the awesome-est man in the world, come over whenever you want,” he says.

While the boys have luckily moved on, the parents are still traumatized. Katrina Shouse says she plans to have the branch the swing was on taken down.