69 & 400 highway intersection progress

69 & 400 highway intersection progress

For the last half year, KDOT has been upgrading one of Crawford County’s busier intersections, and they’re about 90% done.

The increased traffic caused by the opening of the Kansas Crossing Casino got KDOT to install new traffic signals, storm drains, and a new lane at the intersection of Highways 69 and 400. KDOT estimated the project would be complete by last November, but chilly temperatures threw a wrench in that plan.

“The weather’s the biggest part of any type of construction like this. You have to meet specifications. The asphalt and striping now is temperature sensitive so it’s got to be above 40 degrees before that can happen. So we’re not getting full days in. There may be some days where we’re not starting till 10 or 11 o’clock,” said Amino Bros. general superintendent Bob Griffith.

And that KDOT crew isn’t the only one dealing with a minor inconvenience. The staff at the Pittsburg Truck Stop has a front row seat to the road work, and they hear about it from truckers.

“I’d say the main complaint is for most of the customers that come in here: A lot of the truck drivers going through the intersection, they’re going to be complaining about the extra holes. There have been a few days where they had to cut the power and they had someone directing traffic, so that slowed it way down.”

But the truck stop staff is still excited for the project’s completion, just like their customers and the crew working outside.