6-year-old makes 120 face masks for her heroes: local police

LIBERTY, MO (WDAF) — They say big things often come in small packages.

That’s one way to describe a giant goodwill gesture this week from 6-year-old Ali Rabenek. She sewed 120 protective masks for local first responders.

“My mom taught me,” Ali said.

She dropped off 40 masks at the Gladstone Police Department earlier this week. On Friday, Ali delivered 80 to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

“I was thinking about people, and then I was thinking about masks, too,” she said. “So I put those two together and I said, ‘I can make masks for people.’”

And Ali’s handiwork is heartily appreciated by our men and women in uniform.

“It helps us out a lot because you’ve heard like everybody else, we’re short on masks,” an appreciative lawman with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said. “I think that’s something real sweet for Ali to do, to think of us.”

You could call it noble, inspiring, even something that reaffirms your faith in humanity.

Ali has another way of describing it: “It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun!”