6-Year-Old Comes Home from Hospital after being hit with Softball

6-Year-Old Comes Home from Hospital after being hit with Softball

A six-year-old Fort Scott girl that was hit in the head by a softball has come home.

We spent some time with her and her family to see how she’s doing.

Stephanie Crumby, Paizlee’s Mom:”Right as she turned, she caught an overthrown ball to the right side of her scalp. It automatically dropped her.”

July 14th, Paizlee Crumby was rushed to the ICU at Children’s Mercy Hospital after being knocked unconscious by a softball.

She underwent three different major surgeries.. one to remove the right side of her skull to remove a blood clot.. and then two to drain fluid from on her brain.

Stephanie:”I was miserable. To see my child.. to see my child like that for one, ya know you never want your child to get hurt, and then the guilt. I will live with guilt forever.”

Jaidyn Crumby, Paizlee’s Sister:”It was scary because I didn’t know if she was going to make it out of them alive.”

Now after two full months in the hospital.. Paizlee is finally home.

Stephanie:”She’s doing great. We have like a nickel sized spot of permanent brain damage, and that’s it. So we’re very blessed.”

Paizlee has to wear a special helmet to protect the exposed part of her brain, and spends most of her time in a wheelchair.. but is adjusting very well to being at home.

Stephanie:”Actually, I think she’s probably done better being at home than when we were in the hospital just because she’s more comfortable.”

Her favorite things to do now that she’s home? Play Trouble.

Zach Dodge, Reporting:”Do you ever win?”

Paizlee Crumby:”I win all the time.”

And spend time with her kittens.

Paizlee:”One’s named Chloe.. and the other’s one scratches. He’s Fluffy”

Jaidyn:”I’m very happy to have her home. For two months, I just saw her for a few hours everyday and like every weekend and that was about it.”

But Paizlee still faces some major surgeries..

Stephanie:”We have a long road, we still have another big surgery ahead of us to put the skull back in place, but the way she’s handled all the others, I don’t see any problem with it.”

Paizlee will have to go through speech and physical therapy.

Stephanie isn’t sure when she will undergo surgery to replace the right side of her skull. Until then, she can’t attend normal school.. but will have tutors helping her with homeschooling at home.