#6 Crowder uses long ball to put together 11-game winning streak

The Roughriders have hit 42 home runs in 23 games this season.

NEOSHO, Mo. – Behind 6th-ranked Crowder’s 19-4 record is an unstoppable offense.

“We’re getting the big swings right now and that’s awesome,” says head coach Travis Lallemand, “But when the winds blowing in, we’ve played some of those games as well and still produced runs….we’re a pretty complete offense.”

The Roughriders are on an 11-game winning streak.

“Obviously on the scoreboard we’ve been setting ourselves apart and we’re starting to separate ourselves in the win column,” Lallemand adds.

The Roughriders have scored ten or more runs in over half their games this season.

“We’re not much of a small ball group,” Lallemand says, “We’re dependent upon guys having good two-strike at bats and driving in runs.”

“We also have to give a lot of credit to our bullpen guys because they’ve been coming in and keeping the game where it’s at in their situations,” says Logan Chambers, who leads the team with 8 home runs, “That allows us to come in and do what we need to production-wise, and offensively that’s been allowing us to win these games.”

Their philosophy is pretty straightforward – be a good hitter on one pitch.

“90% percent of the time when we put up big innings, there’s a two strike at bat that somebody wins involved in that,” Lallemand says.

“When you walk to the plate, what the guy did before you, if it’s a quality at-bat, it helps you in that at bat and it give you a little confidence when you step in there knowing you can succeed,” Chambers says.

Adaptability has been key.

“When we’ve failed, we learned from those failures early on in the season and that’s what I’m proud of,” Lallemand finishes, “I’m proud of them for is taking those failures and making sure they don’t continue to happen as the season goes on. We’ve turned that into a lot of success recently.”

Crowder is back in action this weekend, hosting a four-game series against Three Rivers Community College.