$5k raise could be coming to Oklahoma teachers

5k Raise Could Be Coming To Oklahoma Teachers
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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Oklahoma’s education leader requests a teacher pay raise in the state education’s budget.

State Supt. Joy Hofmeister made the announcement today. The Oklahoma State Department of Education will present a $5,000 teacher pay raise to the state board of education at its next meeting on Thursday.

“We’ve significantly raised teacher pay in recent years, but so did our neighboring states with whom we are competing. This investment is vital to our ability to build a sustainable teacher workforce, necessary for providing the high-quality education Oklahoma students need and deserve. In the midst of an unprecedented and worsening teacher shortage, it is imperative we look for long-term solutions to show that Oklahoma values and respects its teachers.” – State Supt. Joy Hofmeister

Oklahoma currently has 52,850 certified teachers. The pay raise will cost approximately $310 million.

The last time teachers in Oklahoma received an official pay raise was $6,100 back in 2018. There was also a $1,220 salary increase in 2019.

Oklahoma is currently ranked fourth in the region for teacher paying averaging $54,094 annually. The top three are New Mexico ($54,256), Texas ($57,090) and Colorado ($57,706).

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