$500 Reward after Joplin’s most-recognizable robot is stolen

‘JT’ of Joplin Tax Service has been waving for years.

JOPLIN, Mo. — Over the weekend the most-recognizable Joplin robot was stolen, and now there is a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone responsible for taking it.


Reward/Missing Poster courtesy Joplin Tax Service.

According to Joplin Tax Service, 724 Illinois, their waving robot ‘JT’ was last seen in their parking lot, end of business Saturday evening. It’s where he always stands, waving.

Business storefronts

Joplin Tax Service new location for 2022. 724 S Illinois. This is where ‘JT’ disappeared from sometime after closing Saturday.

‘JT’ has been a fixture out front of Joplin Tax Service for years at their former location on E 32nd. At the beginning of this year ‘JT’ moved to their new location near 7th and Murphy Blvd. 

We talked to Joplin Tax Service and they have filed a police report with Joplin Police Department. They are seeking information to assist them in the investigation.


If you have any information or know who has ‘JT’ you are asked to call JPD 417.623.3131.