5 year old raises funds for boy injured in UTV accident

"Flash" sells desserts for Troy Onstott

Beau “Flash” Nicolas: “He slid and then he fell off and the four wheeler fell on top of him.”

5-year-old Beau Nicolas recaps what he heard happened to Lamar 10 year old last month.

Troy Onstott was seriously injured in a four wheeler accident last month.

Nicolas wanted to find a way to help Onstott.. so he decided to sell desserts and lemonade.

He and his mom were at Big Ben’s in Carthage doing just that to help with Onstott’s medical expenses.

His mom says it’s his way of showing the family support.

Kamey Chaligoj, Beau’s Mom: “I’m hoping that it helps, obviously helps them out quite a bit, but that it lets them know that you know, that we love them. The community loves them and that there are people out there praying for them and thinking about them every day.”

Beau: “Troy, this is for you. Get better soon.”

Big Ben’s also donated a hundred gift cars for them to sell.

At last Saturday’s fundrainser, they brought in more than 600 dollars.


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