4-State Shoppers reflect on Joplin Sears closing

4-State Shoppers reflect on Joplin Sears closing

For the last 88 years 4-state shoppers have been coming to Sears, but that wasn’t enough to stop its closing.

“I took it as, ‘This is a trend we’re seeing.’ Brick and mortar will go by the wayside as more and more people choose to shop online, and it’s a shame because the actual shopping experience is most of the fun,” said 4-State shopper Glenda Arner.

Sears’s parent company Transformco announced that the Joplin sears is among the 96 Sears and Kmart stores they’ll be closing down by February of next year.

“I’m really not surprised, I’m disappointed. I was hoping they’d be able to reorganize because last year we bought new tires from them. We bought a riding mower. I don’t know if the location is a problem or if they’ve mismanaged a bunch of stuff. I don’t know, but it’s sad. It could be from online shopping too,” said 4-State shopper Roy Foust.

A vacated Sears will leave plenty of space for the Northpark mall to fill, but mall officials say they’re monitoring the situation. They said in a statement to KOAM, “We do see this closure as a positive opportunity for the mall. These closures allow us to take underperforming space and convert it into fresh new retail or other uses that drive traffic to the entire property.”

But 4-State shoppers who spoke to KOAM don’t share mall management’s enthusiasm.

“Very disappointing, I think anytime a store is closing, particularly one like Sears. Every tool my husband has and my father-in-law had came from Sears, and they always had good merchandise and good service,” said 4-State shopper Linda Unser.