4-State kids lost to child abuse honored

NEVADA, Mo. – The Bikers Against Child Abuse organization came together Saturday to honor the lives lost due to child abuse.

The group stood in front of the Vernon County Courthouse holding 45 balloons, each one representing a 4-State child who died from abuse in 2019. Together, they released them during a moment of silence.

The group hopes this will raise awareness for child abuse not just in the 4-State area, but everywhere, so that one day this kind of suffering can be eliminated.

“I just see a lot of children that are in need, and they are hurt, and our main mission is to help these young abused children to not be afraid of the world of which they live in,” said Crew Dawg with the Osage Valley BACA chapter.

BACA works in conjunction with local and state officials to help protect children.