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William L. Sullivan

Division: Army

Rank: PFC

Hometown: Pittsburg, KS

Wartime Locations: Pittsburg, Kansas

Wartime Service Dates: 04/07-currently serving

Unit: bravo co.

Significant Accomplishments: finds ied and disarms

Medals: sharpshooter badge

William Lamb, Sr.

Division: Army

Rank: Pvt. 1st Class Heavy Machine Gunner

Hometown: Galena, KS

Wartime Locations: Aleutian Islands

Wartime Service Dates: Oct. 1,1941 - Nov 7,1945

Unit: 65th Anti-aircraft Artillery Gun Battallion

Medals: Good Conduct Medal & American Defense Service Ribbon

William Lewis

Division: Army

Rank: SGT

Hometown: Carthage, MO

Wartime Locations: Korea

Wartime Service Dates: 1951-1953

Unit: 116th Engineer C Battalion

Medals: Korean Service Medal, 3 Bronze Camp Stars, United Nations Service Medal, 2 Overseas Service Stars

William Magie, Jr.

Division: Navy

Rank: Aviation Radioman Chief

Hometown: Pittsburg, KS

Wartime Locations: Iceland, Trinidad, Brazil

Wartime Service Dates: 1940-1943

Unit: VP-74 Patrol Squadron

Significant Accomplishments: Unit sank five German U-boats

Medals: Unknown

William Maroney

Division: Army, National Guard

Hometown: Neosho, MO

Wartime Service Dates: 1977-1980 Regular Army

1981-1982 Missouri National Guard Co C 203rd Engineers Combat (HVY)

1987-1995 Missouri National Guard Co A 203rd Engineers Combat (HVY)

Unit: Army & National Guard

Significant Accomplishments: Great Flood of 1993 St Louis Missouri

William Marrs, Jr.

Division: Army

Rank: Cpl.

Hometown: Seneca, MO

Wartime Locations: Korea

Wartime Service Dates: Dec 1951-Nov 1953

William McCarty

Division: Army

Rank: SGT

Hometown: Chanute, KS

Wartime Locations: Aleutian Islands (1991-1992), France & Germany (1943-1945)

Wartime Service Dates: 1941-1945

Unit: 161st Field Artillery

Medals: expert marksman and numerous others

William McDaniel

Division: Army

Rank: PFC

Hometown: Fort Scott, KS

Wartime Service Dates: 1953-1955

William McElwain

Division: Army

Rank: PFC

Hometown: McCune, KS

Wartime Locations: Germany

Wartime Service Dates: 1953-1955

William Mentzer

Division: Army

Rank: Sergeant

Hometown: Iola, KS

Wartime Locations: Korea

Wartime Service Dates: 1951-1953

Unit: 23rd Infantry, 2nd Division

Medals: 3 Bronze Service Stars, Korean Medal of Honor, Combat Infantry Badge

William Morgan

Division: Army

Rank: E4

Hometown: Joplin, MO

Wartime Locations: Haiti

Wartime Service Dates: 9 months

Unit: Armored Calvary Brigade

William Mulholland

Division: Navy

Rank: E-9 CPO

Hometown: Neosho, MO

Wartime Locations: Vietnam / Gulf War

Wartime Service Dates: 1962-1992

Unit: Destroyers

Significant Accomplishments: Helped develope the Tomahawk missle.

Medals: Vietnam Service Medal/ Gulf War Service Medal

William Muntz

Division: Navy

Rank: SD4

Hometown: Chino, CA

Wartime Locations: California

Wartime Service Dates: 1975-1979

Unit: U.S.S. Dixie

William Neilans

Division: Army

Rank: f5

Hometown: Potts Town, PA

Wartime Locations: Vietnam, Germany

Wartime Service Dates: 1969-1972

Unit: 514 quarter master A company

Significant Accomplishments: making staff sgt from a private....

Medals: should of had a purple heart

William Peak

Division: Navy

Rank: Petty Officer

Hometown: Girard, KS

Wartime Locations: Coxswain

Wartime Service Dates: 1942-1945

Medals: 2 Battle Stars, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, Phillipine Liberation Medal, WWII Victory Medal

William Pickel

Division: Army

Rank: specialist

Hometown: Baxter Springs, KS

Wartime Locations: Iraq and kuwait

Wartime Service Dates: oct. 1990-april 1991

Unit: 101st airborne div. air assault

Significant Accomplishments: national defense service medals,army commendation medal bronze service stars,

Medals: 3 bronze service stars, Kuwait liberation medal,army service rib medals, asia service medal/3 brnz tars,

William Pittenger

Rank: Private

Hometown: Coffeyville. KS

Wartime Service Dates: Civil War

Medals: 5th Congressional Medal of Honor by President Abraham Lincoln
Authored 8 Books, including The Great Locomotive Chase, which was later turned into a movie

William Potter

Division: Army

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Hometown: Columbus, KS

Wartime Locations: Vietnam, two tours of duty

Wartime Service Dates: 1969-1971

Unit: 101st Airborn

Medals: Purple Heart, Silver Star, Pathfinder Badge, Bronze Star, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, Expert Marksman Badge, Sharpshooter Badge and Parachutist Badge.

William Prater

Division: Marines

Rank: sgt.

Hometown: Oronogo, MO

Wartime Locations: Japan, Hawaii, California, Korea

Wartime Service Dates: 1952-1956

William Putman

Division: Army

Rank: SPC

Hometown: Cherryvale, KS

Wartime Locations: Iraq

Unit: 891st Eng. Btn.

William Ray McCoy

Division: Army

Rank: E5 Sergeant

Hometown: Neosho, MO

Wartime Locations: Germany Border

Wartime Service Dates: 1979-1989

Unit: HHT 11th Armored Calvary Blackhorse Regiment Aviation

Medals: Army Service Ribbon and Overseas Service Ribbon

William Redden

Division: Army

Rank: E5

Hometown: Joplin, MO

Wartime Service Dates: December 1990 - March 1991

Unit: 413th Squad

Significant Accomplishments: Artillery Front Line; Serving in Talil, Iraq; He has been in the Missouri Nation guard for 17 years and has been active duty for US Army for 5 years

Medals: Good Conduct Medal and many more

William Robert Vamce

Division: Navy

Rank: SFC

Hometown: Webb City, MO

Wartime Locations: Vietnam

Wartime Service Dates: Vietnam Era

Unit: Navy