4-State company creates new way to fight COVID-19

Nursing Home Employee Smells A Scratch And Sniff Covid Card


NEODESHA, Ks. – Morningstar Care Homes in Neodasha, Kansas is one of many senior living facilities that’s always looking for new ways to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“(It’s been) something that we’ve never experienced before for sure, and it’s been rough but we’ve put in many different check-in points and things that we do to ensure their safety,” said Morningstar Director of Healthcare Michelle Lever.

The senior living home has found success and an increased sense of safety by using a new product out of Parsons, Kansas.

Scensible Solutions has created a scratch and sniff card that’s helping facilities like Morningstar sniff out possible coronavirus cases.

“The scratch and sniff tests have shown that people are asymptomatic with every other symptom. They don’t have a fever. They don’t have a cough. They don’t have shortness of breath. But they suddenly realize they’ve lost their sense of smell. Or their sense of smell has changed in some way,” said Scensible Solutions spokeswoman Michelle Crowell.

Morningstar staff says those cards have already helped them identify an employee with COVID-19.

“They were very grateful. The prior day the employee was able to smell, and the day they tested positive, couldn’t smell any of it,” said Lever.

Facilities like Morningstar house some of the country’s most vulnerable residents, and with these pocket-sized cards preventing a possible Coronavirus outbreak, they’ll most likely be sticking around until the pandemic is in the rearview mirror.

“They saved our residence from a possible, horrible situation and so we support it, totally,” said Lever.