4-State Chiefs fans react to new stadium policy

Chiefs Fan Wearing An American Indian Head Dress

Some big changes are coming to Kansas City Chiefs games but these will be seen in the stands instead of on the field.

The team has announced that effective immediately, fans will be banned from wearing Native American head dresses as well as American Indian themed face paint.

The team said they made the decision after years of speaking with “local leaders from diverse American Indian backgrounds and experiences,” and more recently from “a national organization that works closely on issues affecting American Indian people and tribes.”

The team also says it’s reviewing what’s known as the “Arrowhead chop” and plans to have more discussions on it in the future.

However, the Chiefs made no mention of changing the team name, Arrowhead Stadium’s name, or the iconic team logo featuring an arrowhead with a “KC” in the middle.

Here’s what some Chiefs fans in Pittsburg had to say about the change.

“I really don’t have an opinion. I mean, as long as the team doesn’t move and they don’t change the team logo, I’m fine with whatever they decide,” said David.

“I personally disagree with it. I think traditions should just be left alone. It’s been that way for 60 something years now. I don’t see why they need to change it all of a sudden,” said Logan.

“I don’t think it’s going to affect my opinion of the organization or my support at all. I think whatever we can do as a fan base to make everybody else feel comfortable and feel equal, I think that’s what we should go with,” said Max.