4-State casinos take extra steps to help prevent spread of COVID-19

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OKLAHOMA – Some casinos in the 4-state area tell KOAM they’re taking extra steps and doing what they can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. KOAM reached out to several casinos in the area and received the following responses:

Indigo Sky Casino and Outpost Casino

Today Indigo Sky Casino and Outpost Casino General Manager Melanie Heskett announced wide-ranging policies intended to provide a healthy and hygienic environment in light of recent Coronavirus diagnoses in Oklahoma and Missouri. Casino management has been proactive in implementing the guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control in order to provide a safer environment from the potential outbreak of COVID19.

“We have been actively monitoring the confirmed cases as they have spread into the United States and have taken measures that will help ensure that we keep everyone as healthy as possible,” Heskett said.

Some of the measures enacted include:

  • Hand sanitizer has been further made available to all patrons in numerous places on the casino floors as well as back of house for team member use.
  • Working hourly to sanitize and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects.
  • Casino management will work closely with team members showing signs of illness to decide the best course of action to ensure the health of all staff and patrons.
  • Restricted business travel.

“As we continue to monitor the outbreak areas, we will make adjustments as needed based on information from the CDC and other reliable sources,” said Heskett. “If there are additional steps needed we will make sure to be as proactive as possible to keep our teams, their families, and our community as safe as possible.”

Buffalo Run Casino & Resort

At Buffalo Run Casino & Resort plans are being implemented when it comes to helping avoid the spread of coronavirus. More hand sanitizers are being placed in casino public areas.

The Housekeeping Team is disinfecting the slot chairs and machines around the clock, and at our table games a bottle of hand sanitizer will be available for use by employees and guests.

Also, table games, casino bars, and other public areas are being disinfected/wiped down every 20 – 30 minutes.

Our Human Resources Director has put out a memo to team members on the steps to follow to reduce the transmission of communicable diseases in the workplace.

Downstream Casino Resort

Downstream Casino Resort’s goal is to provide a safe environment that supports both our team members and the guests.

We have increased communication to help educate our team regarding how this virus is contracted, what we can all do to prevent contracting and/or spreading the virus and what Downstream, as a business partner and good neighbor, is doing to help protect our team and our guests.

Back of house

Environmental Services Department will carry spray bottles on their carts.  We are using a new product which has a norovirus claim similar to the corona 19 virus to disinfect all hard surfaces.

Product is used for sanitizing all door handles, light switches, faucets, restroom closures/locks, flush handles in restrooms, team member time clocks, ATM machine touch surfaces, beverage dispenser taps, all trash doors and overhead door switches.

Sanitizing moist cloths (pop ups) are available in all office areas, team member entrance, and dispensers of foaming hand sanitizer are located throughout the building.  EVS team members have gloves provided by the department.

We have ordered a new sanitizing product also with a 99.9% destroy rate, which is dispensed through a cordless electrostatic handheld sprayer which distributes a thin even mist on all surfaces.

Hotel precautions:

Environmental Services is sanitizing the elevator buttons both inside and outside of the cars frequently throughout each shift.  All room door handles, light switches, faucets, each television remote, drawer pulls, in room safe locks, drape pulls and any other hard surface, are sanitized daily.

Hotel staff also wear gloves and will disinfect vending and ice dispensers on each floor.

Lamp & light switches as well as headboards will be wiped down daily in all rooms.

Casino precautions:

Hand sanitizers on dispensing stands are located at all building entrances to use when entering and exiting the building.

All restrooms are sanitized every shift – including all faucets, paper towel dispensers, individual bathroom doors & slide locks, flush handles and all sinks, vanities, all toilet surfaces, paper dispensers, and other hard surfaces.  The spray mist is also being used in all restrooms.

More Casino Precautions:

Environmental Services team will use sanitizing wipes on all slot machine screens, pin number pads, betting or denomination surfaces and currency acceptors.  They are also sanitizing all touch surfaces on every promotional kiosk on the floor.  All slot handles, chair back “grabs” are also being wiped down per shift.

All team members using hand held radios or pass off phones are sanitizing those items at end and beginning of each shift.

Hand sanitizer “pens” have been ordered for all front of house team members, notably table games dealers, slot attendants, Players Club representatives, valet drivers, security and food & beverage team members who touch gaming or hard surfaces throughout the day.

Casino self service bars will have hard surfaces wiped down including liquid dispenser taps frequently.

Spray mist sanitizer will be used in all public areas each shift.

We are taking every precaution to protect our team, our business and our guests.