15-year-old in critical condition, hit by car on Hwy 60

15 Year Old In Critical Condition Hit By Car On Hwy 60
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AURORA, Mo. – A 15-year-old Aurora, Missouri boy is in critical condition after a car hits him on Highway 60.

“His injuries are critical and he has undergone surgery. He is far from out of the woods. We would encourage our community to continue prayers and offers of support for this young man and his family. The outpouring so far has been remarkable and refreshing to us in a business where we hear so much negative. We are reminded so often how incredible our community is and how willing people are to offer help, support, prayer, and time for people in need. We need that, this family needs that.” – Aurora and Marionville Police Department.

According to the Aurora Police Department, they continue conducting a “full and thorough” investigation.

Authorities say right now, it doesn’t appear the driver of the car that hit the boy was impaired.

Police believe the 15-year-old boy and a friend were crossing Highway 60 in low-light conditions and were hard to see as he was in dark clothing.

“We continue to assess evidence to determine if any traffic violation was committed,” states the Police Department on social media.

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