11-year-old Neosho resident starts Etsy shop, donating to different causes each month

While she is only 3 months into her new business, she knew she wanted to use it to help others as well.
Clay Earrings

NEOSHO, Mo. – 11-year old Iley Dunlavy was always busy with school and extracurriculars until the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

With so much free time, she turned her attention to a more creative outlet.

“I had a lot of art things and I kind of went through them and we got some clay and we saw some pictures of earrings so we started making them and it kind of just turned into a little business.”

She creates polymer clay earrings and with the help of her family its grown into her own Etsy shop.

“We choose the color or we make the color, then we roll it through that so it’s a thin splat and then we do a pattern or a solid or whatever we want. And we would put it on and we usually put a piece of wax paper on it and roll it with a roller lightly just to make sure it sticks before we roll it through that and then we’ll cut the shapes and bake them.”

While she is only 3 months into her new business, she knew she wanted to use it to help others as well.

“For each pair of earrings sold she donates 1 dollar. So, the first month was like 35 something dollars, the second month was 70 something dollars and the last month was 120 dollars. So each month it’s been growing consistently and it’s crazy to think what she can accomplish as more time goes by” said Iley’s mom, Katie Dunlavy, who also runs the Etsy Shop for Iley.

She first donated to Americas Kids Belong which is a foster care organization, the Solace House of the Ozarks and a local family that suffered hardships due to COVID-19.

Each month she is choosing a different cause to help.

“If there’s something that we feel pulled to do that isn’t local like America’s Kids Belong is based in Colorado, but we would like to keep it local” added Katie.

What started as a way to pass the time has turned into something much bigger.

And Iley is excited to continue to make an impact on others while creating products she loves.

“When its baked and all finished, it usually looks amazing and I like to see that.”

Iley launches new products in her shop every Friday. You can check out her Etsy shop here.