100 year old Chiefs fan goes to AFC championship game, courtesy of the Chiefs

Chiefs fan gets tickets to second game from Kansas City Chiefs

CARTHAGE, Mo. – World War II veteran Helen Hubbard has been a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs for almost half of her life.

“For the last 35 years for sure,” says Hubbard.

Earlier this month, on her 100th birthday, she was given the gift of a lifetime.

“Am I excited? No, I always talk this loud and cry,” Helen said after receiving the gift.

She learned that she would be in the stadium for the first time as the Chiefs took on the Houston Texans in the AFC playoffs.

“We were about ready to go home at the half when they were so far behind in the first quarter. But when we came ahead we stayed the whole game,” says Helen.

She later learned that, thanks to work by Stacey Bennett at St. Luke’s Nursing Center, she would be going to the AFC championship game the next Sunday, courtesy of the Kansas City Chiefs.

“It’s been wonderful. It really has. Something I never dreamed of doing,” says Helen.

She cheered the team on in style from a suite and was even honored on the field for her years of service.

“I got to take pictures with the cheerleaders, and meet people that, you know, I wouldn’t ever have met,” says Helen.

“All I can do is repeat myself when I say what a wonderful past two weeks it’s been. And it’s been amazing for me to be able to participate in it,” says Helen’s son Dolph Hubbard.

“I just love it. It’s great. Obviously she’s spent a hundred years getting to this point. She can celebrate it all month long,” says Helen’s son Judd Hubbard.

Helen says even after the excitement of both games, she’s still overwhelmed by the love from every person that made it all possible.

“I’m thankful, truly thankful, that I’ve had these two, two weeks of birthday celebration and football. What more could a little old lady ask?” says Helen.

Helen says she plans to watch the Super Bowl from the comfort of her own home.

Her son Dolph, however, says she needs to be in Miami for the game because she’s the team’s good luck charm.

(Photos in story courtesy Dolph Hubbard.)